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HVAC engineering and survival technologies

Aertecno is a company specialized in HVAC system engineering (Oil&Gas, naval, industrial, civil and healthcare sectors) and in the construction of technologies related to the safety and livability in the Oil&Gas and industrial installations (on-shore, off-shore) such as: Temporary Refuge modules (barge, shelter, building) , Emergency Pressurization Systems and Breathing Air Systems.

A team of HVAC and mechanical systems engineers highly specialized.

Aertecno S.n.c. is an engineering company founded in 1981.
Our Company is highly specialized in Engineering, consulting, management, testing and commissioning in the following HVAC fields: Oil&Gas, Hospital & Healthcare structures, industrial, marine/naval. Aertecno provides EPC for Survival technologies as: Emergency pressurization system (EPS), Breathing Air System (BAS), Temporary refuges (Toxic gas refuges, Safe Area, TR Shelter, Barge or buildings). 

Discover the different fields of AERTECNO engineering

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Healthcare structures

AERTECNO has engineered may Hospitals in Europe. 500 beds Hospital in Astana (Kz), 500 beds Hospital in Monselice (It), the new complex of the European Institute of Oncology (IEO2).


Onshore and Offshore

AERTECNO Was born in 1981 as engineering company specialized in the Oil&Gas sector both for Onshore and Offshore/naval/marine orders. Now our Company work with the biggest Oil companies.



Another field of activity is the survival sector; systems to be installed in the Oil&Gas structures. From the Temporary Refuge Shelters to the Emergency Pressurization Systems. 


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Our EPC and engineering works on Oil&Gas complex

Temporary refuges or Toxic gas refuges or Safe Haven for Oil&Gas field. Discover our shelter or module for On-shore and Off-shore application (naval or sea platform type)

Emergency pressurization system or Breathing Air system to be installed in critical environment complex. Both for On-shore and Off-shore installation

HVAC System for living quarter, Process Utility Area, Local Equipment (Electrical) Rooms, Sea Platform, Barge, F.P.S.O, Shelter or onshore complex.