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Litchendjili Emergency Pressurization

Supply and installation for the offshore platform of the CONGO Marine XII Block project, aboard the Temporary Refuge, an emergency pressurization system with breathable air.


Kashagan Emergency Pressurization

Aertecno Emergency Pressurization Systems are engineered for the maximum safety and easy operation during fire&gas alarm or other emergency situations. With 100% redundancy of air cylinders and reduction groups it is the the best solution for safety in difficult environment and oil&gas installations. Kashagan and Litchendjili Emergency Pressurization Systems.


EPS - HP Breathing Air Storage

In the shop drawing and in the photos there are the high pressure breathing air storage (300 barg, 80 L each BA cylinder) we have created for the Emergency Pressurization System (EPS) for the oil & gas offshore installations of our customers.